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Kings Way Golf Club Pro Shop

On Course Playing Lessons
"A playing lesson is a wonderful option to learn how to score better on the golf course"

On-course playing instruction with a professional is the best way to transfer your technique to the golf course. The greatest challenge golfers have is "bringing it to the course" and "scoring better".

Golf is played on a course, not on a practice range. Golf is a game where practice often does not take place on the field of play. Course situations cannot always be replicated on the practice range. The on-course environment creates better awareness and learning opportunities leading to improved play.

On the golf course, the lies aren't constant, obstacles are in the way, and the wind presents changing conditions. Learn how elevation changes affect distance and club choice. Part of a player's development should be on course where the game is played. 

During playing lessons, we'll show you proper club selection, high percentage shots, how to play from awkward lies, develop a consistent routine, innovative short game strokes, how to control your human skills and much more. A playing lesson with a professional is essential to get the best out of your golf game. 

To schedule one of our 2-hour playing lessons please call the pro shop at Kings Way Golf Club 508-362-8870 or book online www.millergolfcapecod.com.

Playing lessons are conducted at Kings Way Golf Club. Bring a buddy to share your experience.

* The professional does not play but observes and focuses on your game. Swing tips and demonstrations are included.

Rate: $150 or for two people $195. Bring your own foursome is $399.

One on One Personal Training & Golf Fitness Clinics

If one of your goals is to get in great shape, feel stronger, and play your best golf? If so, our fitness programs and clinics are definitely for you. Lisanne Miller, LPGA Professional and ACE Certified Fitness and Exercise Trainer will be conducting One on One personal sessions and group clinics.

Personal training is available now by calling 508-362-8870 or email Lisanne: millergolf@mac.com